Interior design processes start by space planning, styles, and other conceptual elements. As the project progresses, designers eventually need to start making recommendations for very specific interior details and materials.

Decisions on materials and finishes will truly determine how the entire design comes together, and whether it meets the client’s needs and feels complete, coherent, and intentional. With both Interior Designer and FF&E Designer background, we are here to discuss with you on Material, Color and Furnishing for your space.

Material & Color Package


Materials are the interface that connects us to the space. Material has the power to improve our experiences, enhance our wellbeing and even shape new narratives that take us beyond the ordinary.

Color surrounds us. We experience color wherever there is light. It conveys different emotions, captures target audiences and communicates action. Just like materials, color is entirely integral to materials, it can transform and enrich our space.

Material & Color Package Includes:

  1. Research and Sourcing Material
  2. Material board
  3. Samples
  4. Material Specification
  5. Material Purchasing List

Furniture & Furnishing Package


Furniture and Furnishing plays a crucial role in interior design. Furniture is the primary tool for designers to make a space functional. While other aspects of interior design contribute to the overall look and feel of the room. It is the furniture that really gives the space life, making it a comfortable space for people to work, play, relax, and generally live.

Furniture & Furnishing Package Includes:

  1. Research and Sourcing Furniture/Lighting
  2. Furniture Finishes
  3. Furniture Specification
  4. Furniture Purchasing List
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Material sourcing is time consuming, confusing, and can be extremely technical. Weather you want to sourcing material, discover something special or just want to review on material selected in the project, we are here to discuss with you.

Simply schedule an appointment with us.

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